Our Philosophy is very straight forward-plan, design and construct the best project we can which will leave the community in a better place.

Claudio Posocco, Principal, Sedona Lifestyles

Quality and craftsmanship have been part of the Posocco family for two generations. Claudio Posocco’s parents immigrated from northern Italy to Toronto in 1954, bringing with them their old world skills, determination and work ethic.

Claudio jokes that his apprenticeship in the world of construction was progressive. “At 6-years-old, I was handed a broom and had to clean up building sites. At 12, I was given a hammer and started framing houses. And by 16, I knew my way around a job site.”

Claudio’s parents knew that for their son to be successful he needed more than a tradesman’s perspective of the construction industry; he needed a
top-flight education.

Claudio received his Civil Engineering diploma from Ryerson, and then a Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering from the Michigan Technological University. This extensive education allowed Claudio to become a full member of the American Society of Civil Engineering and Professional Engineers of Ontario.

After graduating in 1985, Claudio started his own company, Cambryan Homes. For twelve years, he honed his craft building custom homes throughout Toronto. Yearning to get involved in larger projects, Claudio teamed up with a team of tradesmen and professionals to form Stone Manor Developments. Stone Manor successfully developed over 400 homes in 14 projects.

But on August 14 1997, life changed for Claudio.

While supervising a construction site, he was struck by a 17,000 lbs bulldozer. Miraculously, Claudio survived, but the physical toll was immense. With severely shattered bones, doctors weren’t sure if Claudio would ever walk again. But after countless operations, months of rehab, and endless determination, Claudio was back at work.

Since then, Claudio started to plan a new company—a company with a vision of the future. And in 2005 Claudio left Stone Manor to form Sedona Lifestyles.
The vision – to develop exceptional projects that enhance the local community.



To give real service you must add something that cannot be measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.

Douglas Adams

The business of building homes is as much about relationships with people as it is about putting hammer to nails. Stan (Costanzo) Raimondo demonstrates this every day and with every home he builds.

Over the past 25 years, Stan has developed a reputation for being client focused and building partnerships with homeowners. From pre-construction meetings to scheduled inspections to occupancy, he is committed to delivering superior service and a high quality product with attention to detail. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal.

Stan earned his Civil Engineering degree from the University of Toronto in 1987, and since then has gained in-depth knowledge of residential, commercial and industrial construction both as an employee and as a partner with various builders. His extensive experience, combined with his dedication to customer service, safety and integrity, is evident in every home he builds.

As the onsite project manager, he leads the teams of trades to not only meet but to exceed clients’ expectations. In an important and productive relationship, he is the onsite liaison for homeowners and welcomes their input during the construction process.

Stan and Claudio met over 25 years ago when Stan was just starting his career in construction. Working side by side, they have built many fine homes and an even greater friendship. Sedona Lifestyles is the culmination of their experience, their friendship and their shared philosophy—to plan, design and construct projects that will leave the community in a better place.